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Baggage scanning, screening & conveying systems with 24/7 on-call maintenance services . . . more

Wine & Beverage INDUSTRY
Equipping the bulging wine & beverage industry with the infrastructure necessary for smooth and safe production . . . more

Food Processing
Servicing food and beverage customers through the United States. . . more

Cement & Aggregates
Covering it all, from plant construction to modernizations, to allocated shut downs. . . more

Manufacturing installation and startup to relocation . . . more

Decades of experience in over 195 different industrial sectors . . . more

Quality, Integrity, Safety, & Job Performance

We have been successful for decades due to the working relationships we have developed with our customers. Many have utilized our services for decades as a result of our steadfast commitment to quality, integrity, safety and job performance. We have completed in excess of 14,000 construction projects, throughout the United States and Internationally, encompassing over 195 different industrial sectors. . . . more about us

Specializing in baggage screening and conveying systems. We are contracted through the Transportation Security Administration to install baggage screening systems throughout the western states . . . more

Wine Industry
A leader in equipping California's bulging wine industry with the infrastructure necessary for smooth and safe wine production. . . . more

Material Handling, Conveying & Structural System
Design, Fabrication and Installation of material handling, conveying & structural systems with applications in numerous industries, from food processing to mining. . . more

Training & Quality Assurance
First class training and quality assurance process design and implementation . . . more

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24/7 Support & Maintenance

Our Support & Maintenance Division performs preventative maintenance along with supplying manpower as needed for plant shutdowns, outages or emergencies.

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