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Cement & Aggregates

Cement & Aggregates
Cement & Aggregate Plant Construction, Modernization, and Shut Downs

Lloyd W. Aubry Co., Inc. continues to build upon a successful track record in the industry that encompasses cement & aggregate plant construction and plant modernizations as well as allocated shut downs. From crushing, screening, conveying, processing, to load out Lloyd W. Aubry Co. delivers the expertise you need.

List of Clients

The following list contains some of the clients Lloyd W. Aubry has served continually through the years: Hanson Cement, Nevada Cement, Cargill Salt, Graham & Reed.

We have been successful in the industry for decades due to the working relationships we have developed with our customers. Many have utilized our services for decades as a result of our steadfast commitment to quality, integrity, safety and job performance.

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The Associated Contractors of America

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24/7 Support & Maintenance

Our Support & Maintenance Division performs preventative maintenance along with supplying manpower as needed for shutdowns, outages or emergencies.

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